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The Aspen Middle School community shares a commitment to creating a
developmentally responsive environment that nourishes
the young adolescent’s mind, body, and spirit.

Goals and Objectives:

  • To challenge each student in every course.
  • To elicit academic achievement commensurate with each student's ability.
  • To maintain an unwavering commitment to the mastery of educational fundamentals (content) and the development of critical-thinking skills (process).
  • To enhance each student's social and emotional development and to foster positive relationships among peers.
  • To recognize that our 'stakeholders' are the students, parents, and the community; and to be responsive and accountable to their concerns.
  • To strive to reflect the diverse needs and values of the Aspen Community.
  • To meet or exceed District and State curriculum, content, and performance standards.
  • To monitor our many programs and evaluate them regularly.
  • To implement a code of conduct that will insure safety, civility, and an optimum learning environment.
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